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Office Plants

Interior Displays and Office Plants

We supply office plants to suit all environments, each in its own stylish container of your choice and Colour.

Customised products are also available to help promote your company by adding your own logos/customised look to match with your corporate identity.

We are also able to offer branding on the containers with your company logo if required in addition the planters can be fitted with LED lights…… in fact most things are possible please enquire for your specific needs.

Benefits of Office Plants
Today’s office and commercial environments are seldom without interior and/or exterior landscaping.
A co-ordinated programme of interior plant displays and exterior landscaping creates a lasting impression on both your clients and employees, as well as improving the quality of the air you breath and satisfying peoples proven psychological need for living Office Plants.
Indoor air pollution and low humidity are now ranked as one of the top five threats to public health. Every day while at work in our offices we are constantly bombarded with toxic fumes, from carpets, furniture, office cleaning products, computers, printers and photocopiers. Exposure to these chemicals can result in a general feeling of being under the weather, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and respiratory complaints – or even severe allergic reactions.
Unless combated this can often lead to poor concentration.


  • Contact us or call 01992 761743 and we will arrange for a consultant to visit your premises and go through the range of office plants and containers available that would best suit your environment.
  • We would be pleased to provide a no obligation free quotation

Tropical Office Plants at work

  • Office Plants emit oxygen
  • Clean the air
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce minor ailments
  • Improve concentration and increase productivity
  • Reduce dust pollution
  • Reduce noise
  • Can be used to provide shade